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Castle Siege

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The Castle Siege - Basics

  • Mu-Castle is located in the depths of the Valley of Loren, owned by the current ruling Guild.
  • Go to Lorencia 239, 13 coordinates to get to the Valley of Loren.
  • There are no conditions to enter the Valley of Loren.
  • Valley of Loren PvP (player against player) allowed area.
  • During the siege, other participants can be attacked without CTRL.
  • Outlaw players do not drop objects during the siege.

Terms of entry

  • The Guild Master must have a level of at least 200.
  • The Guild must have at least 20 members.
  • It is recommended that the entrant be an ally of the Guild so that he can successfully use all the possibilities of the castle. *
  • Other - unnamed - Guilds may participate in the siege as a neutral force, but may not gain control of the castle.
  • If the Guild that owns the castle disintegrates, it loses control of the castle.
  • Up to 3 Guilds and their allies can join the siege of the castle *

The schedule of the Siege:

  Guild registration period: Sunday ~ Monday
  Armistice: Tuesday
  Mark of Lord registration period: Wednesday 6:00 ~ Thursday 18:00
  Announcement of entry: Thursday 19:00 ~ Friday 6:00
  Castle preparation: Friday 6:00 ~ Friday 23:00
  Siege of the castle: Saturday 19:00 ~ 20:30

How to register for Castle Siege

During the Guild registration period, the eligible Guild Leader must speak to Guardsman (next to the bridge in front of the castle) and notify the Guild of his intention to participate by pressing the ‘Announce’ button.

The Guild is added to the entry list. A list of named Guilds can be found on the third page of the Guardsman menu.

During the Mark of Lord registration period, members of the named Guilds may offer Mark of Lords to the Castle, thereby strengthening the Guild's place on the leaderboard. Mark of Lord can fall while defeating any monster.

In the case of a Guild with more than three entrants, only the Guild with the strongest rank in the first 3, and their allies, may compete for possession of the Castle in the siege.

cs6   cs6
Guard NPC
Castle Siege status info

Guilds are classified based on:

Guild Classification Level = ((number of Mark of Lord offered * 5) + Number of Guilds) + Guild Leader Level / 4

The Siege

At the start of the siege, members of the attacking Guilds teleport south to Loren, outside the castle walls.

Siege participants:

  • Members of the attacking Guilds are distinguished from the castle defenders by a sword symbol floating above their heads, above whom a shield symbol appears.
  • Guild presidents receive crown symbols of various shapes and colors.
cs5   cs2
Guild Master offensive team
Guild Master defensive team

cs4 cs1
English Guild member offensive team
Guild member defense team

The attacking troops can go deeper and deeper into the castle by breaking the castle gates. The interior of the castle is protected by three rows of strong castle walls, at least one gate on each wall must be broken to penetrate. The Guild, which dominates the castle, tries to make the task of the attackers fighting in the shower of arrows and fiery rocks even more difficult with counter-attacks.

At the depths of the castle, the entrance to the Dragon Tower is protected by a shield against alien invaders. The shield can only be penetrated by attackers if the four Guardian Statues that feed it are destroyed, radiating energy at four different locations in the castle to help the defenders.

Conditions for taking power:

After the attacking Guild's foreman and two members ascend the Dragon Tower, the two members of the Guild must make the Crown on the Crown Pedestal available to the foreman, who must hold it for at least 30 seconds by touching the Crown Switches on both corners of the room. to take power. If the defenders of the castle destroy any of the helpers touching the foreman or switches before the time runs out, the conditions for taking power are not met.

In the event of a successful takeover, the siege will continue until the end of the event, however, the castle will continue to be protected by the Guild, which has gained power, against the besiegers and the losing team.

The castle may change hands several times during the event. The officially registered ruler of the castle will be the Guild who owns it at the end of the event.

Warp in Loren:

Members of the Guild who own the castle can use the Town portal scroll to port to the inside of the castle.

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